I know the mistakes that cause relationship failure and heartbreak - because I made all of them over and over again. - Know-It-All Nancy



Hands Cupping Heaven
You're a confident, savvy single woman. You know in your gut you’re not supposed to chase a man, openly badmouth... Read more
Abusive Man
Covert verbal abuse is subtle aggression. It's aim is to control and dominate you without you knowing. If you’ve... Read more
Romance Artist
You think you are exchanging emails with a handsome, charming online bachelor—when in truth, he is a conniving... Read more


Don't be a ninny! Know the online dating red flags of cheaters, con-artists and abusive men.

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God, Please Fix Me!
A Breakthrough in Self-Esteem,

Relationship Understanding and
Personal Healing for Women

By Nancy Nichols

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