There are underlying reasons WHY some people experience never-ending difficulties in their relationships.

Is this you?

  • You are struggling to heal from a hurtful relationship, divorce, or breakup.
  • You suffer from strong negative beliefs about yourself.
  • You repeatedly commit to a romantic partner who causes you unhappiness and heartbreak.
  • You seem to run men off or you loose women friends because of knee-jerk conflict.
  • You are stuck in a relationship with a man who neglects and mistreats you.
  • You experience constant relationship troubles.
  • You sometimes ask yourself, What's wrong with me?

My specialty is helping women who date and commit to men who are emotionally unavailable, men who are players and cheaters, and men who are emotionally, verbally and physically abusive.

My passion is to help divorced and older single women increase their self-awareness, overcome self-doubt and low self-esteem issues, increase their overall confidence and relationship understanding, and experience significant personal emotional healing.

Below you will find three consulting packages that will give you unique introspect into your mindset which causes you the bulk of your relationship failures, low self-worth, regret, and unhappiness.


4-Week Extreme Personal Growth Program

After 35 years of working on my own emotional issues, I have developed a unique 4-week personal growth program that, quite frankly, evokes acute self-awareness which manifests healing from past emotional issues and present heartbreak from relationship problems.

This extraordinary 4-week self-actualization program will:

  • Jump-start your healing from a hurtful breakup, divorce, or abusive relationship.
  • Help you understand why you choose partners who are wrong for you.
  • Debunk negative self-talk and silence your inner critical voice.
  • Help you realize your core self-worth and value yourself as a woman.
  • Significantly increase your confidence and self-esteem with men.
  • And ultimately alter the outcome of your life.
You will view yourself differently after this 4-Week Personal Growth Program with Nancy Nichols

Week 1: Pain Body

Your emotional pain body is an accumulation of past painful experiences that has not been fully accepted or released. Your pain body manifests feelings of low self-worth, anger, anxiety, sadness, guilt and depression. This dominating negative energy causes you to make life’s decisions based on fear, need, and avoidance. Identify and deal with your pain body and you can move forward in your life.

Week 2: Negative Self-Talk

Your inner critical voice lies to you, belittles you, diminishes your confidence and feelings of self-worth, limits your ability to believe in yourself, and thereby creates your sad reality. You assume your negative emotions reflect the way things really are, I feel it, therefore it must be true." Expose the lies and you can replace your negative self-concept with a positive outlook on life. 

Week 3: Faulty Filters

Seeing yourself through faulty emotional lenses distorts your reality and creates illogical, irrational thinking, self-doubt, low self-esteem and induces self-defeating, toxic behavioral patterns. Change the way you view yourself and you can change the way you interact with others.

Week 4: Re-Invent Yourself

You don’t have to be who you were yesterday. You are a product of your upbringing, personal interactions and life’s experiences. If you were fed a diet of negativity, hyper-criticisms, emotional or physical abuse, you developed a false sense of self. Get in touch with your authentic self and you can re-write your unhappy life’s script, increase your personal power, achieve professional and personal success, and achieve meaningful, loving relationships.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from—don’t wait­­—sign up now!

Four weekly Zoom sessions with Nancy Nichols
(approximately 45 minutes each) plus homework that will increase your self-awareness. 



Mini-Life Consultation Packages

Do you have a quick question because:

  • You are confused about the behavior of a new boyfriend (girlfriend)? 
  • You are struggling with dating-relationship problem?
  • You are dealing with the emotional pain of a recent breakup or divorce?

You don't have to do it alone; I can help you process and cope with the reality of your situation. 

Phone consultation: 30 minutes $50.00 - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
Phone consultation: 1 hour $75.00 - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
Email consultation (a lengthy response to your questions with one follow-up exchange): $50.00 - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE


Dating Coach Overview

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do men seem to be un-attracted to you?
  • Do you repeatedly date and fall in love with the wrong man?
  • Do men not ask you out for a second date or suddenly stop calling you?
  • Do you fall in love quickly and easily and wind up with a broken heart?

As a dating coach, my heartfelt advice is: you may need to take candid look at the way you think and feel—not only about men—but yourself.

  • Are you influenced by a man’s good looks, flattering words, charisma and success?
  • Do you secretly question a man’s hurtful behavior, but keep dating him anyway?
  • Do you have a history of dating and falling in love with men who mistreat you?
  • Are you too trusting, niave, and even gullible?
  • Do you have a track record of failed relationships or divorce?

This is where I come in … I will help you understand the attitudes and behavior that sabotage your dating efforts.

More dating dilemmas:

A desirable man pursues you—but you don’t know how to respond to his text messages or when he doesn't call, you agonize whether or not you should call him, so you call him and then you wish you hadn't.

A romantic connection seems to be developing; you should sit back and enjoy the process, but instead you question yourself. You worry: should you stop dating others guys (you don’t want to make him jealous). You agonize when is it okay to have sex with him (you’re afraid if you give in too soon he’ll dump you). Or you throw up an ice block and you push him away.

Guess what! Your fear and self-doubt trigger your insecurities causing you to act out your anxieties and before you know it, you have screwed up with the greatest guy you’ve met in a very long time.

Online dating brings new complicated dating rules:

Like it or not—dating is a game which requires a fundamental understanding of men, the behavioral do’s and don’ts—and MOST of all—a positive attitude.

Many women and men are afraid to try online dating ... they say they've tried and it was too time-consuming, unproductive and disappointing.

I understand! Finding a wonderful boyfriend or husband (girlfriend or wife) requires time, effort and energy.

I will help you write a profile that will intrigue the men you want to meet and inspire them to contact you.

I will teach you how respond to man’s communication in a way that will inspire him to ask you for a date.

Online correspondence is a tricky sticky proposition. If you’re too friendly you can appear too eager, needy or desperate. If you’re overly confident a man may judge you as cocky or unattainable. If you come off as uber-independent a man may be afraid you will be emotionally frigid. One wrong comment can turn off a potential suitor.

I will help you choose photos that will inspire a quality man to want to know more about you.

If you post an poorly composed profile and unflattering photos you will lose your opportunity to attract the men who view your profile. Once a man makes a snap decision about you (based on your profile and photos) you won’t get a second chance to entice his interest and before you know it, you have exhausted your online dating pool.

I will teach you the early warning signs of online romance artists who create a false online front.

Things are not always what they appear to be on internet dating sites. A person’s photo may not be their own. Men conceal their girlfriends, marriages, criminal records, and more. It is important that you recognize the warning signs of scammers, married men, abusive men and sociopaths.

Let's get started!

Dating Coach Packages

I will coach you on today’s dating rules. I will teach you how to project an aura that will attract a quality man. I will teach you how to spot a “cheater, a “player” and a con-artist and how to handle a wishy-washy suitor. I will open your eyes to your attitudes and behavior that kill a man’s interest. Most importantly, I will teach you how to recognize and appreciate a wonderful man who will love, respect and commit to you—forever!

Basic Package: $195.00 - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

You have an online dating profile, but aren’t meeting the right man. I will rewrite you current profile and choose your photos to help attract your ideal match. The basic online dating packet includes:

  • A 30-minute telephone consultation
  • Selection of all profile photos and an upload order
  • Copy editing & re-writing of your profile 
  • Individual dating advice (up to 3 emails answering your questions)

Intermediate Package: $295.00 - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

The 30-day essentials for your online dating life. I will teach you how to best approach online dating. It includes:

  • A 30-minute telephone consultation
  • A completely new Profile From Scratch
  • Selection of all profile photos and an upload order
  • 3 handcrafted, initial emails to online men you like each week 
  • Individual dating advice (up to 6 emails answering your questions)
  • One round of profile tweaks

Advanced Package: $595.00 - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

I will write your complete profile from scratch, select your best photos, and even advise you on which site to join. This package includes:

  • A 30-minute telephone consultation
  • Complete profile writing
  • Username creation
  • Selection of all your profile photos and an upload order
  • Dating site suggestions
  • First-timer online dating advice
  • One round of profile tweaks

Premium Package $1195.00 - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Everything you need to put your best foot forward. In addition to everything that is in the Advance Coaching Package the Premium Coaching Package includes a head-to-toe makeover consultation which includes wardrobe, hair, color analysis and personal grooming advice that will get you ready for your photos and help you make your best impression in front of a potential suitor. Plus I will write your complete profile from scratch, elect your best photos, and even advise you on which site to join. This package includes:

  • Wardrobe advice based on your body type, personality and lifestyle
  • Hair and makeup advice
  • Photo consultation
  • 2-hours telephone consultation
  • One round of profile tweaks
  • Complete profile writing
  • Username creation
  • Selection of all your profile photos and an upload order
  • Dating site suggestions
  • Two months real-time email, text and phone advice