• Don't Go Out Of Town With A New Man

    Your new guy asks you to go away for the weekend but you’re not ready to sleep with him. You’re afraid to say “no” to his invitation because you might push him away, but if you sleep with him prematurely, you might forfeit his respect and enthusiasm for you.

  • What's wrong with me?

    You watch others get the things they want in life. They have great jobs, solid friendships, enjoyable lifestyles and a loving boyfriend or husband—and you can’t help but wonder—why don't you have those nice things?

  • Secrets of the Ultimate Husband Hunter

    Let’s be honest … do you have a pattern of sleeping with a man on date 1, 2 or 3 and then you regret it because he stops texting or calling you? Does your promiscuity evoke feelings of embarrassment, guilt and remorse? Do you feel devalued and dishearten and you try to salvage his opinion of you; you tell him this is not your normal behavior (don’t think for a minute that he buys this)? Do you worry about contracting STDs?

  • The slightest change in your thinking will alter your destiny. Your brain accepts new, uplifting mental pictures as your reality and subconsciously plans and plots the path to your desired life. 

  • Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

    Comparing yourself to others breeds negative self-talk, feelings of envy and low self-confidence. You were created to develop your own style, cultivate your own talents and achieve your own successes in life.

  • Be Your Authentic Self

    Authentic people stand out in crowd. They don’t try to impress you and yet, we’re intrigued by their self-assurance, warmth and poise. Do men see you as genuine ... or do they see you as pretentious, self-protecting and emotionally unavailable?

  • Find Your Life Purpose

    You’re discontent with your life. You try to fill the void with excessive shopping, a vacation or a cocktail or you think having a man is the answer to your unhappiness.

  •  Don't Blame Yourself For A Failed Relationship

    Stop punishing yourself! You did everything you could to avoid a breakup but your partner was innately withdrawn, uncommunicative, manipulative, unfaithful and abusive behavior.

  • Red Flags In An Online Man's Email

    You can learn a lot about a man by reading between the lines of his email. Is he negative and complaining? Is he vague? Does he try too hard to impress you? If a man's message pings your gut, it’s your intuition trying to warn you, this guy may be bad news. 

  • Should Women Send The First Email

    You’re afraid if you wink, fav or message him first, you'll turn him off. Ladies, dating rules have changed; making the first move ups your chances of getting an online man’s attention.