God, Please Fix Me!

God, Please Fix Me!
A Breakthrough in Self-Esteem, Relationship Understanding and Personal Healing for Women

Product Details:  Self-Help / Dating / Relationship
Paperback:  272 pages
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Above all things . . . seek wisdom! 

What would your life look like if:

  • Your intuitive instincts helped you to make sound decisions in all that you do?
  • You trusted your ability to understand a difficult relationship?
  • You had the confidence to stand up to a man’s deceptive, controlling, demeaning behavior without fear of his rejection or anger?
  • You could regain your self-esteem you lost in an toxic relationship?
  • You could move past the pain, anger, and bitterness of a hurtful past?
  • You could correct your destructive behavior spawned by a dysfunctional childhood?

If this were your daily reality--would your life be significantly different?

What if you could silence your inner critical voiceforever?

Whether you are single, married, committed, recently separated, or divorced, God, Please Fix Me! is a powerful self-actualization message for women who struggle with low self-esteem issues and relationship difficulties.

Understanding the psychological dynamics which keep a woman bound to a toxic relationship is the first step to personal healing. Nancy Nichols shares the illuminating revelations which opened her eyes to the reality of her abusive relationship, gave her the courage to break the addictive cycle of that relationship—and ultimately embrace the dynamic, vibrant, intelligent woman God intended her to be.

You will view yourself differently after reading God, Please Fix Me!