Power of Positive Thought

Empowerment Presentation for Business Men and Women

Presented by Nancy Nichols 


The power of our thoughts form our entire life's experiences. 

What would your life look like if your aura seemed to supernaturally attract friendships, opportunities, success, happiness, and even true love? What if accomplished men and women admired you and happily promoted your interests? What if the people and things you needed to attain your dreams of success seemed to magically present themselves to you? If this were your daily reality—would your life be significantly different?

Nancy Nichols presents the tandem power of logic, intuition and a positive attitude. 


Intuition is our supernatural knowing. So powerful is our intuition—it  is called the "sixth sense." It's knowing without thinking. Successful entrepreneurs will tell you their best decisions have come from a “hunch.” The person who discounts or ignores their intuitive voice suppresses their core wisdom; as a result, they are uncertain, mistrusting and indecisive. The person who trusts and acts upon their gut instincts enriches their confidence, self-worth and understanding of life.  Nancy Nichols teaches the 5 steps that develop intuition.


Logic is the cornerstone of sound judgment. Logic is simple; it backs up what your intuition already knows. Logic is the study of facts, probability and reasoning; it’s what allows us to distinguish correct reasoning from poor reasoning. Where emotions may dilute our ability to reason, logic illuminates reality. Nancy Nichols tells the inspiring story that increased her personal insight.


A positive attitude is the aura of our influence. We are what we think. We become our thoughts. Negative thoughts attract difficult situations, problematic people and unhappiness. Positive thoughts attract opportunities, success, friendships, and meaningful relationships. Change your thoughts and you will alter your destiny. Nancy Nichols tells the story which gained her the magical power of positive thought.