God, Please Fix Me!

Empowerment Presentation for Women  

Presented by Nancy Nichols

A breakthrough in self-esteem, relationship understanding, and personal healing for women. 
God, Please Fix Me! is for single, divorced, widowed, and married women of all ages who seek personal growth. Presentation tailored to your group’s needs. 



Distorted self-beliefs foster a woman’s faulty mindset. Her critical self-talk compounds her low self-esteem issues, sabotages her relationships and create her feelings of inferiority, isolation, unhappiness, and even hopelessness. Nancy Nichols shares the illuminating revelations that helped her triumph over a lifetime of self-doubt, fear and shame, dysfunctional behavior and addictions, break the cycle of an abusive relationship, and silence her self-deprecating inner voice—forever.


You don’t have to be who you were yesterday. You are not the hyper-criticisms of your mother. You are not the little girl who was mistreated or abandoned by your father. You are not the put-downs of your abusive boyfriend or husband. You are not the woman who drinks or does drugs to numb the pain of your hurtful past.

You can change the outcome of your life—even if you think about it a little bit, you can alter your destiny. You can achieve your dreams—if you think about it continually, if you believe it passionately, if your actions relentlessly work toward your goals, and if you never give up—your aspirations will one day materialize. 


Moving past the pain, anger, fear and resentment of a toxic relationship, hurtful breakup or divorce is a devastating event in a woman’s life. Some women never let go of the debilitating emotions. Understanding a destructive relationship for “what it is” is the first step to regaining your life and begin personal healing. Nancy tells the compelling true story of how God increased her insight and restored her life after a verbally abusive relationship. 

You will view yourself differently after reading God, Please Fix Me!

NANCY NICHOLS Empowerment Speaker 

Nancy Nichols spent a lifetime seeking the answers to her low self-esteem issues and relationship problems. Her firsthand knowledge of divorce, relationship failures and heartbreak gained her unique introspect into women's faulty mindsets which prompt their toxic behavior and damage their relationships. Nancy's wit is enchanting. Her uncensored candor is riveting. Her brutal transparency empowers women to overcome the mental stigma of their hurtful past, take charge of their lives and realize relationship stability and personal happiness.