• Miserable On New Year's Eve

    You don’t need a man to bring in the New Year. A man will disappear by Valentine’s, but your friends will always be there for you.

  • Enjoy Being Single During The Holidays

    It’s the holidays and you feel utterly and miserably alone without a man in your life. Christmas music depresses you. Cold weather isolates you. Holiday gatherings intensify your aloneness. You need friends, happy hour and parties to fill your holiday void because you don’t know how to be alone and enjoy your own company.

  • Be Thankful He Broke Up With You

    It's Thanksgiving. I am thankful that my narcissistic, abusive boyfriend dumped me another woman.  I didn’t have the chutzpah to pull the trigger on our relationship. Thank you, Lord—he did it for me.

  • Cognitive Distortions That Destroy Your Relationships

    Faulty mental filters create problematic emotions and disruptive behavior that damage our relationships. Our mind convinces us that we are flawed and undeserving. We jump to pessimistic conclusions about others. We magnify and catastrophize a single negative event.

  • How To Get A Second Date With Him

    How you behave on a date matters because you may be sabotaging your second date chances—without even realizing it. According to it takes men only 15 minutes to decide if you're worth a second date. Don’t blow it by unwittingly doing or saying the wrong thing.

  • You MUST love yourself before you can love anyone else. When a romantic relationship goes sour, it's easy to blame your ex. He was too self-centered. He didn't show enough affection.  He was just too wrong for me. Or maybe there’s something wrong in your approach.

  • 3 Dating Over 50 Dealbreakers

    If you are over 50, you must outshine the women your age to gain the sincere interest of a quality man, and he will reject you as a potential partner if you are guilty of these 3 deal breakers.

  • How Jealousy Can Destroy Your Relationship

    Jealousy is a sign of a lack of confidence in oneself and will make you unhappy with your life. When you compare yourself to another, you can always find someone who will make you feel unattractive, unintelligent, inferior to others, discontent with who you are and sabotage you relationship. CLICK HERE to read the story of how jealousy ALMOST destroyed my relationship with my fiancé.

  • Conflict In Your Relationship

    Your relationships is a hurtful cycle of conflict. You want to resolve the contention with your partner and you accept responsibility for your bad behavior that co-created the argument. But he denies his malicious actions because he wants to avoid responsibility to protect his fragile ego.

  • Comparing Yourself To Ours

    There are two common, but extremely harmful behaviors that erode your self-esteem: They are comparing yourself to others and negative self-talk. If you can change your mindset, even a little, your life will take a different path.