• It happened again! I went out with a wonderful man, had a stupendous time, and then, for no apparent reason—I never heard from him again. I found out the REAL reason he never called me again.

  • Online Dating Red Flags

    Internet dating is a playground for dishonesty, infidelity and insincerity. The married guy doesn't post a photo, or it's fuzzy, or he cuts out the wife standing beside him. The older man posts a photo 10 to 20 years younger than his actual age; when you show up for a first date, he’s unrecognizable.

  • Ask a First Date These 3 Questions, Questions to ask a man on a first date

    Stop wasting your time dating the wrong man: These 3 questions on a first date will cause a man to reveal his true self.

  • Never Date a Dead Animal

    Con artists come on strong in the beginning. They tell you they have never felt like this about another woman. They will have plenty of time for you with numerous long phone calls, emails and chats. They will talk about being in "love" way too soon. 

  • Abusive Relationships, Dating Red Flags, Verbal Abuse Disguised As Jokes

    Verbal abuse can begin as small digs disguised as jokes. Your boyfriend or husband ridicules you about your appearance, personality and abilities. These put-downs damage your self-esteem and if you ask him to stop “poking fun at you” he tells you, you’re too sensitive or you can’t take a joke.