You Don't Need A Man To Enjoy New Year's Eve

Get over yourself!

It’s New Year's Eve and you feel dejected and lonely because you don’t have a date.



Girl, you don’t need a man to bring in the New Year! You need to be with your friends and family because you know a man will disappear before Valentine’s Day.

I spent a good portion of my life without a man in my life on New Year’s Eve. For years, I attended singles New Year’s Eve parties without a date—but watching the women hold hands, embrace and dance with their boyfriends made me envious and miserable. I sulked, watching the couples dance to the final song Good Night My Love. Afterwards I drove myself tearfully home.

I started staying at home on New Year’s Eve. My inner voice said, I like myself. Stay at home and enjoy your own company. I built a toasty fire in the fireplace. I had glass of wine and I cooked myself a nice dinner. I curled up on the sofa in my warm pj’s, I watched a movie and I was in bed by ten.

After two years of isolating myself on New Year’s Eve, I invited my friends over for a champagne and Lobster Thermidor dinner. It became a tradition that made me feel good because I was doing something nice for my friends. And they, of course, enjoyed the lobster.

When I moved to Nashville, I met my girlfriends at a restaurant for an early New Year’s Eve dinner. I was home by 8 o’clock to avoid the crazy, drunk drivers.

But the following day, I couldn’t shake off my shroud of loneliness. I immediately packed up and hid anything that reminded me of the holidays.

My intention as a dating and relationship author is to:

First, entertain you with my with wit.  
Second, to enlighten you with my insight.
And thirdly, to improve your life with positive intention.

So, whether you go out with your friends this New Year’s Eve, or you stay at home, I want to give you something to think about.

Acknowkedge and value your unique and best qualities. For instance, I am highly creative, I’m loyal and supportive of my friends, and they tell me that I make people feel welcome and comfortable.

Think about your friends' unique and best qualities, and share this with them in a text or an email or even on Facebook.

Because you see, you’re not alone when you enjoy your own fabulous company and you are surrounded by the friends and family who love you.

Wishing you love, happiness and success in the New Year.

Nancy Nichols

Does your negative self-talk hack away at your self-worth? Truly, I understand. My inner critical voice used to tell me I was fearful, unattractive and underserving of a man’s love and respect.

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