A Unique And Bold Way To Flirt With A Man

How does a single woman get a desirable man’s attention without appearing desperate?

You’re sitting in a bar with a girlfriend. A nice looking guy catches your eye. What can you say or do to meet him without looking foolish?

Dating experts tell us to:

  1. Glance at him, grin, bite your lip and slowly look away.
  2. Cross your legs and slowly move your top foot in circles to call attention to your legs.
  3. Catch his gaze, tilt your head and run your fingers thorough your hair.
  4. Use the tip of your tongue to lick your lower lip or the edge of your glass.
  5. Walk past him, turn your head halfway toward him, and smile.

Surely we can think of a more classy way to capture a man’s interest!

It was “hump day” happy hour in Houston. I was sitting at a high top table with my girlfriend, reviving myself with a Pinot Grigio, when I spotted this intriguing, dapper man sitting with his two guy pals 10-feet away.

I have always heard: Don’t flirt with a man when he is conversing with other men. It will make him uncomfortable and you’ll walk away with egg on your face.

How to overcome the obstacle?

A waitress uses a cocktail napkin to place a mojito on it. Patrons use a napkin to jot down a quick note. I use a napkin to blot my lipstick, mop up my spilled drink and wipe the cheese dip off my BCBG blouse. I’ve even attached a cocktail napkin to the top of a straw and waved my white flag, pleading for a drink, at the slammed bartender.

I pushed my wine glass aside and wrote on my cocktail napkin, “See those two blondes sitting at the table behind you. One of them wants to meet you,” and I gave my scribbled note to a waiter to deliver to my future boyfriend.

The waiter handed him the napkin. He read it. His guy pals read it. They smiled and snickered—and presto, all three hunks were standing at our table grinning ear to ear.

“Which one of you wants to meet my friend, Mike?” a guy pal asked, running interference for his buddy.

The point being: single guys want to meet women. Single gals want to meet men. The only thing that stands in our way is the fear of rejection.

The next time you see a man you want to meet sitting in a bar, coffee shop or wherever, step out of your comfort zone and do something creative, spontaneous and sassy. The very least that can happen is he’ll be flattered.

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