A True Story: How I Found Confidence With Men

I’m going to tell you the true story that changed my life forever.

I spent a lifetime trying to understand men and the dating process. I wondered:  Why do men not ask me out for a second date? Why do men suddenly stop calling me? Why do I repeatedly commit to the wrong man?” Why do I continually run men off?

After decades of enduring hurtful relationships and the recovery from the divorce and breakups I began to ask myself, “What am I doing wrong? And what can I do to change it?”

The answer to my relationship problems came to me serendipitously from a girlfriend.

Camille would capture the attention of men wherever she went. She wasn’t particularly great looking—but if we were at a party, all the men would ask her to dance. When we were shopping, I had to frequently wait for her to finish an impromptu conversation with a man she had just met. Even the mailman seemed to linger to chitchat with Camille.

Truly, I was fascinated with Camille’s magic allure. One evening I asked her,

“How do you attract so many men?”

Without giving it thought, Camille quipped, “I just love men.”

“What?!?!” I thought, “She’s cracked. She’s wacko! A real looney-tune. I couldn’t possibly love all men nor would I want to. They lie, they cheat and they don’t call when they say they will. They hog the TV remote control, they badmouth my driving and they leave their dirty underwear on the bathroom floor. How in the world could you possibly love all men?”

The story behind Camille:

As a young girl Camille’s father was the most important person in her life. He was her friend, her benefactor and mentor. It was his unconditional love and support that nurtured her self-confidence and her acceptance and understanding of men. Camille was programmed at a very young age to enjoy, value and appreciate the very essence of a man. More importantly, her father taught her to revere, respect and honor herself as a woman. It became the foundation of how Camille would relate to all men—for the rest of her life.

Camille was as cocky as she was confident. “I deserve to be put on a pedestal, “she once told me, and “I would never be with a man who did not treat me that way.”

Kaboom! The rocket shot off in my head and the clouds parted above revealing an unprecedented, extraordinary epiphany. There I was, inside Camille’s psyche, vicariously experiencing the personal power of a woman who had known confidence and self-esteem all of her life.

I got it! I understood! Camille got the best out of life because she believed she deserved it. She demanded it. She held out for it and therefore—she got it!

But the question still remained: How did she gain the admiration of so many men? 

It was this: Camille loves all men … not in the literal, physical sense, but rather in the sense that she approves and values each man for his unique qualities. Camille learned to never pre-judge or underestimate a man. She grew up believing that men were a source of entertainment, an opportunity for friendship, a valuable business link, a romantic hookup for a girlfriend, or a husband for herself. Camille loved to meet, talk to and learn everything she could about almost every man she met, because after all, the next man that crossed her path could be a valuable connection. This is what Camille meant when she said, “I love all men.”

It was Camille’s open-minded, friendly, approachable presence which drew men to her. It was her genuine interest, flattering comments and accepting, approving mindset which caused them to stay. Men sought Camille out because they felt good about themselves in her company.

Love-All-Men. Could this be the magical cure for all my dating and relationship problems? Could loving all men turn me into a confident, irresistible, charming creature that not only attracts men but the elements of a quality life?

I re-entered the single world armed with a fascinating new dating strategy I called “Love All Men.” Everywhere I encountered men, I told myself, “I love all men, I love all men. I will accept, appreciate and value the many men that cross my path.” When I sat across from a not-so-hot date, I would smile at him and I think, “I’m not going to marry him, I may never want to talk to him again but in this moment I will give this man a chance to reveal his best qualities.”

The irony of it was, the more men I accepted and respected—the more men I attracted. The more men I attracted—the more confident I became. And the more confident I became—Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Amen!—the more men I again attracted. It was the gift of confidence and self-esteem for which I had hungered for all my life.

It happened to me and it can happen to you—all you have to do is love all men.

Do you lack confidence with men?
Do men seem un-attracted to you?
Do you repeatedly run men off?

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