Take Me Drunk, I'm Home! Chris Soules Gives Rose to Wasted Bachelorette

Am I wrong in being disappointed that Chris Soules gave a rose to a f-bombing sloppy drunk Bachelorette, while sending other beautiful, sober women home?


I've always felt that The Bachelor tries to hang onto the drama queens for the sake of ratings. (Yes, I enjoy watching the antics of a crazy jealous, backstabbing Bachelorette.)

Bachelorette Tara showed up last night to the premier cocktail party in shorty-shorts and cowboy boots (a fun, bold move) but then she repeatedly dropped the F-bomb (“I’m a f-cking train wreck,” she said) and she got totally, I mean stop-the-room-from-spinning-can-I-hold-down-my-antipasto drunk.

It was obvious that the cocktail party went into the wee morning hours (the sun was shining) as Tara stood on the risers during the rose ceremony, yawning, belching, swaying and grasping at the other women in attempt to not fall face first onto the living room floor.

Notwithstanding, she got a rose from Bachelor Chris Soules.

Was Chris right to give Tara a second chance to a woman whose favorite word starts with an "f" and she advertises on national TV her 3 good friends are Jameson, Johnny Walker and Jack Daniels?