Older men DON'T always date younger women. Here's why!

“There are no good men out there," claim mature single women.

“That’s not true, however, we older women have to work harder to attract a great guy on online dating sites.”

“I know when men see my photo they’re not going to contact me,” My 55-year-old client moaned, 

Solution: Get a new sassy hairstyle, cosmetic makeover, wear clothes that are stylish and complimentary to your figure, and post flattering photos.

“Men my age want to date younger women," women complain.

This is largely true. So what can you do about it?

NEVER, ever compare yourself to any woman. It’s emotional suicide to try to compete with the skinner, bouncier, wrinkle-free, younger woman who looks marvelous with no make-up, no bra, and no modesty in her extremely low-slung jeans.

Stop concentrating on what you are not, and instead concentrate on your best qualities. Do you have an outgoing personality and a great smile? Use it! Do you have nice cleavage and great legs? Flaunt it, modestly of course! Are you a sports enthusiast? Use it to your advantage!

Lastly, and I sincerely believe this, there are many desirable, older men who are threatened or insecure with a younger woman. Or the age gap makes it difficult for them to share conversation and common interests; consequently, these men will choose to be with a woman close to their own age. Come to think of it, many men prefer the intelligence, wisdom and sexuality of the older woman.

The challenge is: the mature woman needs to outshine the other women her age to attract the limited number of men who want to date and marry a woman their own age.

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