The No. 1 Subliminal Behavior That Runs Off Online Men

If you’ve had one (1) online guy to unexplainably disappear—no biggie. But if two or more guys you were corresponding with mysteriously evaporated—Virginia, you may have a personal problem.


The no. 1 issue, that I see, that sabotages women’s dating and relationship efforts is: they are dragging the baggage of a past hurtful relationship. Their ex-boyfriend or ex-husband was unfaithful, shiftless or abusive, and so they lump all men into a cauldron of liars, cheaters and assholes. They swear they want a loving, caring man in their life, but say things like: I’m not going to put up with a man’s crap! I don’t trust men. I like my life, I don’t have to have a man.

My client Leila's repeated comment was, "How long does it take for a man to show his true side?" Leila, an attractive singe woman in her 50s, is looking for love on an online dating site.

A woman who has a “chip on her shoulder” is constantly on the subliminal defense. Her statements express how tough, how capable, and how independent she is. She sees herself as intelligent and easy-going. Others see her as narrow-minded, disagreeable and argumentative.


If you have a “chip on your shoulder,” your girlfriends may love you unconditionally, but online men will read between the email lines, decide you have a negative attitude—and he will vanish into cyberspace.

Leila felt her first date went “okay,” but two days after they met for dinner, he texted her, saying, they were not a match. And we are left wondering, what the crap happened?