Men Will Avoid the Overly-Critical Woman (Yeah, You!)

Picky about the men you date?

The hypercritical woman typically looks for the worst in men. She has a prejudiced, narrow-minded, closed mindset. She prejudges and disqualifies a man before he even has a chance to reveal his best and enduring qualities. 

Men Avoid Critical WomenThe overly-critical woman dispenses her cynical advice and strong opinions. New men shy away from her because of her negativity. Those who know her, avoid her, because they are aware that she is controlling, disapproving and rejecting.

The woman who is eager to point out a man’s flaws and imperfections is unwilling to recognize and admit to her own faults. 

Veronica was such a woman.

I met Veronica, a divorced, retired flight attendant, through a single’s social organization and then again at church. Veronica had a history of divorces and failed relationships. She complained incessantly about the men in her life. When a man she was dating dumped her—she blamed the breakup on his shortcomings. 

I invited Veronica to a casual gathering at my home with a group of friends. I was dumbstruck when she asked me to exclude Bob, my newest single male friend, from my guest list.

“There’s something about him I don’t like,” Veronica said.

I ignored her request and I invited Bob to my party. As a result, I had several delightful dates with this fascinating man. He was a successful businessman. He was generous, fun-loving and emotionally communicating. He played the guitar and sang. He owned and raced thoroughbred horses. He was engaging, talented and he turned out to be a supportive friend.

Veronica later admitted to me that she had Bob mixed up with another man she had met only briefly.

Men will continue to run from Veronica like their pants are on fire, and she will continue to scratch her head in bewilderment, wondering what went wrong with her latest, greatest relationship.

Give a man a chance to show his best qualities and traits. You might not want to marry him. You may not even want to kiss him. But he could turn out to be a valuable friend or business connection.   

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