Keeping A Journal Can Help Your Relationship Problems (No Joke!)

The greatest benefit of keeping a journal is gaining clarity.

If you are stressed, depressed or in a crisis, journaling can help you gain insight into your thoughts, feelings and moods. It can help you separate fact from fiction so that you can recognize rational and sound decisions.

Journaling can be used for problem-solving. It can help you to clarify and organize your thoughts, define your challenge and explore creative solutions.

Journaling facilitates personal growth. It can help you process your emotions, expand your self-awareness and develop your intuition—all of which help you to understand, empathize with others.

There are “10 Surprising Benefits You’ll Get From Keeping a Journal,” states The Huffington Post. HP says that writing consistently in a journal:

  1. Stretches your IQ.
  2. Evokes a state of mindfulness.
  3. Helps you achieve goals. 
  4. Improves emotional intelligence.
  5. Boosts memory and comprehension.
  6. Strengthens Your Self-Discipline.
  7. Improves Communication Skills.
  8. Creates emotional, physically and psychological healing.
  9. Sparks Your Creativity.
  10. Increases Your Self-Confidence.

I’m a big promoter of keeping a journal, especially when it comes to working on our personal and relationship problems.

With facts you can reason the probability of the truth. 

Writing down what you were thinking and feeling during an argument or hurtful event will validate your feelings. Right or wrong, it’s important that your feelings are validated.

Journaling will help you to better understand yourself, your man, and your relationship with him.

When you argue with your partner, write down the details of the altercation. Write down his criticisms, jabs, and so-called “jokes” directed at you. Write down what seems like evasive, manipulating, controlling behavior. Write down his refusal to communicate, his punitive actions, flimsy excuses, and far-fetched explanations.

Note how an argument started. Did the argument seem to come out of nowhere? Did it start over something insignificant and then escalate to a demeaning, berating episode? Did you feel like you were set up for a bruising event? Or is it possible that you are hyper-sensitive and over-reacted?

Journaling can help you work through your confusion and self-doubt.

If your partner’s eruptive, fault-finding, combative behavior happens over and over, journaling will help you to recognize a pattern to his malign behavior, and see through his shifty, self-serving actions.

Seeing the facts in ink will help you realize that you weren’t wrong, you’re not crazy, and you did hear him accurately. You will begin to understand that his blaming, accusing behavior is an attempt to cover up his deliberate and hurtful conduct.

Sadly, you will realize that he did intend to demean you and wound your spirit.

Journaling can help you find the courage to stand up to your partner’s hurtful behavior.

Journaling can help you improve your communication skills, especially when it comes to presenting a sensitive, emotive subject to your partner.

If your current approach to discussing a problem, sparks his defense mechanisms, construct your words to help you avoid an accusing confrontation. You may discover that your disagreements are nothing more than a couple working their way through a relationship curve. And then again, you may discover that your partner is argumentative, controlling and uncompromising.

Use your journal as a path of personal growth. Take responsibility for your life and your happiness. Don’t blame a man for your personal problems. Take accountability for your negative attitudes and dysfunctional behavior.

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