How To Get Out Of A Destructive Relationship (And Stay Out!)

If you value yourself, leave him.

You know he will neglect you, lie to you, cheat on you and even abuse you—and yet you allow him back into your life.

At first, he was perfect — he seemed to adore you, complimented you and wanted to be with you ALL the time. His jealousy was cute and made you feel loved. The late-night phone calls checking on you made you feel cared for and protected. You were amazed when he didn’t hesitate to move in with you — in fact, he was eager!

How could this be bad? But eventually, those endearing little quirks can become worrisome red flags.

Suddenly and increasingly, he hates your friends and doesn’t want you to spend time with them. He is withdrawn and sullen around your family. He acts loving one minute then angry the next over something ridiculously petty. He neglects you and he is tone-deaf your emotional suffering. He tells you he loves you, then says something cruel about you or your appearance. He’s controlling, possessive and jealous. He blames you or others for everything that goes wrong in his life.

Do any of these scenarios sound all too familiar? Why are we continually drawn back into destructive relationships?

Like some nightmarish scene from a horror movie, life can become a series of confused extremes when you find yourself constantly walking on eggshells — fearful of doing something that will set him off. If you’ve tried to leave, he may have promised to change just long enough to suck you back in. It’s always the same foreseeable story; a brief period of honeymoon bliss and he quickly slips back into his malign, hurtful behavior.

Tragically, in a situation like this, you can lose your sense of self and begin a numb existence — helpless and wondering if you’ll ever escape this torture.

But what happens when you've finally had enough? When the time has come and your wilted spirit is crying for resurrection, how do you get OUT?

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