7 Undeniable Traits That Spark A Man's Sincere Interest

Like it or not, dating is a game. Play your cards right and you can land a great guy!

Do men seem un-attracted you? Do men rarely ask you out for a second date?

Maybe you ask yourself (as I once did) …

Why do men desire, respect and pursue some women and not others? What is the magic allure that causes a man to prefer a woman over his buddies, fall in love and seriously consider marriage?

I believe that most men truly are looking for a genuine relationship with the right woman, and while some men’s main interest is scoring sexually, the majority of men basically respect and value women. Sexually compatibility is important, but that's just one component to making his attraction list and maintaining his interest.

Scientists claim it takes 8.2 seconds for a man to decide if he's interested in woman.

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1. Have true style

Men truly are visual creatures, and they're drawn to a woman's polished appearance and femininity. The primary visual factors that get a man’s attention are your eyes, what you’re wearing, how your hair looks, your perfume and, depending on his taste, your body shape.

After that, quality men are looking for more vital and enduring traits.

2. Be warm and approachable

Eye contact and a smile are powerful flirting tools that capture a man’s initial attention. A quick glance, a soft smile and a slow look away lets a man know you're interested. Casually glimpse at him now and then, catch his gaze, touch your hair and look down. One study showed that it takes 13 glances before the average guy gets the courage to approach a woman.

3. Always be your authentic self

Men really do want to make an emotional connection with a woman. Authentic means you share your true thoughts, you truly listen to what he's is saying, and you’re not afraid to show your vulnerable side and share your flaws. A woman who is authentic is in her best self, and your best self will bring out the best in a man.

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4. Be your own person (with your own interests)

You're busy, successful and self-reliant. You love your life, enjoy your career and you have your own interests and hobbies. You have solid relationships with your family and friends, and you’re socially active.

You don’t need a man to complete you, but you would welcome and enjoy the right man into your life.

5. Keep your attitude positive

In the beginning, men just want to have a good time, and they're turned off if you're too serious. If you are upbeat and engaging, a man can have fun with you. If you're authentic, he's more apt to relax show you his true self, which makes him want to spend more time with you. A light-hearted attitude is an indicator that you're easy to get along with — even when the relationship gets serious.

6. Maintain an air of mystery

A woman who doesn’t immediately reveal the intimate details of her life intrigues men. Women who divulge their hurtful past and personal problems on the first date (or second date) will dilute their attractiveness and allure. A tinge of mystique can challenge a man's prowess, making him WANT to know you better. But don’t act evasive, scheming or play jealous mind games because then he won't trust you and will pull away.

7. Don’t rush into sex

It’s the allure of sex (the first time) that inflames a man’s desire to pursue a woman. Saying “no” to sex in the early stages of dating is not a manipulative ploy, it simply means (in addition to protecting yourself from STDs) that you understand that in the early stages of dating a man thinks with the bulge in his trousers in the beginning and not his brain or his heart. You may fall in love quickly but men need time to develop feelings and trust for a woman.

When you cave in for sex too soon, he may lose interest and respect for you and his motivation for the chase.

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