7 Significant (Prudent) Reasons To Try Online Dating

Get out of your cocoon and try online dating.

Statistics boast that 1 in 5 singles are currently in a committed relationship with someone they met on a dating site.

Almost everyone I know, met their super-wonderful husband or boyfriend on an online dating site.

You're disgruntled with the type of men you attract and date in the real world. You repeatedly fall in love with men who lie to you, neglect, abandon and mistreat you, or men seem to overlook or ignore you entirely. You’re jaded; and therefore, you’re afraid to try online dating because you believe that the men on dating sites are liars, users, unfaithful and even dangerous.

It’s true, you’ll find lowlife dirtbags on dating sites— but you will also find cheaters, sex addicts and abusive personalities at work, in church and singles groups.

In fact, I met two of my worst dates ever in my Sunday School singles’ class. Both men were in their 40s, handsome and successful—and both men got smashingly inebriated on our first date.

One man, a national corporate financial manager, cooked me a lovely dinner in his home, passed out drunk on his sofa and I had to drive myself home. The second man got wasted, force-kissed me and groped at my breast, trying to get me to sleep with him. I fought him off and I reported him to our Sunday school class teacher, who booted this louse from the class.  

Don’t let the bad eggs ruin your chance at finding a wonderful husband or boyfriend. Here are 7 credible reasons that you SHOULD try online dating:

  1. Access: Online dating introduces you to people you wouldn’t ordinarily meet. Instead of having a few dates in a year, you are introduced to numerous candidates within a matter of months.
  2. Commonality: Dating sites bring together thousands of single people with shared interests who are genuinely looking for a meaningful relationship.
  3. Matching: Personality tests connect you with men with compatible interests, beliefs and lifestyles.  
  4. Confidence Builder: Knowing that the majority of online singles are interested in finding a relationship lessens the fear of rejection, giving single men and women the courage to reach out to one another.
  5. Save Time: I call it “fast-forward dating.” Because messaging is an integral part of online dating, you can gather personal and revealing information (prior to going out on a date) to determine if you think a man is worth your time to meet in person.  
  6. Communication: Meaningful conversations develop through messaging, email correspondence, chats and phone calls prior to a face-to-face meeting with an online man. When you meet in person, you may already feel you have a friendly connection.
  7. Culling: Online dating makes it easy for you to ignore the buffoons, opt out of a conversation with an undesirable man, or simply decline a date invitation from a suitor. 

The trick to enjoying success with online dating is to educate yourself; learn the red flags of men who are players, abusers, cheaters and con-artists. When you know what to look for, their behaviors are recognizable, and even laughable.

Here are three articles that will greatly enlighten you and help you avoid dating an undesirable man:

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Now put on your high heels and get online!

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