5 Daily Habits That Reveal Your Special Purpose In Life

Your life was meant to have purpose and meaning. 

You feel like something is missing in your life. Your life is full of activity but you feel unmotivated, discontented and you lack direction. You try to fill your void with a pair of Louboutins, a Caribbean vacation or a cocktail. You think having a man in your life is the answer to your unhappiness when the root of your doldrums is: you haven’t found your purpose in life.

If you want to live a life that brings you joy, contentment and a sense of accomplishment, you must understand and live your life's purpose.

If you want to find your purpose in life, you must look outside ego.

According to the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, “Your purpose in life begins to form when your talents and abilities benefit someone or something other than ourselves.” 

I began to understand my life’s purpose when I was a national skincare and cosmetic consultant. My job was to train women franchise owners in sales skills and business operations—but I found what they really wanted and needed was someone to validate their abilities and self-worth.

You feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

Living outside your life’s purpose may have a negative effect on every aspect of your life. You may:  

  • Feel generally depressed, lack interest in everyday activities and  isolate yourself from friends and family.
  • Envy your friends' accomplishments, active social life and relationships.
  • Suffer from low self-esteem issues and lack confidence in your abilities. 
  • Feel discouraged about your station in life and have suppressed angry issues.
  • Go to a job every day that you hate and wonder, Is this all there is to my life?

When you are doing the things you love, your energy quickens, inspiration fills your soul, creativity comes to you easily and you work tirelessly, passionately at your job. Your thoughts are profound and your ideas are brilliant and you say to yourself, where the heck is this coming from? You look skyward with gratitude because you know the answer. When you are fulfilling your destiny, God increases your talents, abilities and gifts.

That’s when you realize—you don’t need a closet full of clothes, constant social interaction or a man to complete you.

5 steps that can help you recognize your unique purpose in life:

  1. Draw on your natural talents and life experiences: Your unique personality traits and talents mold your life’s experiences.  

    Not everyone recognizes their self-worth. If you were hypercriticized or mistreated as a child, you may feel defective, unworthy and insignificant. You may feel different from others. You may feel like the black sheep in your family, like you don’t fit in with your co-workers or inept in social situations.

    Girlfriend, different is good!

    Your quirky, outgoing, vibrant personality sets you apart from others—you were born to be a trailblazer, not a backscratcher. Your introvert nature, reliability, organizational skills and analytical mindset make you a highly effective person—you’re a valuable, valued employee. Your sensitivity, optimism and outspoken presence combined with your life’s difficult  experiences inspire others—you could be a wildly successful motivational speaker. Your inquisitive, remarkably creative, impractical approach to life allows you to imagine the unexpected. You were meant to 
    create haute couture fashion, Rock and Roll, Harry Potter and the iPhone.

    Have you ever considered: maybe you don’t fit in, because you’re supposed to stand out? 

  2. Follow you heart: It’s the strong desire to want to do something meaningful in life that reveals your life’s purpose. 

    No one can help you fulfill your special purpose in life and they will hold you back if you rely on anyone but yourself. Your special gift—your innate talents—yearn to be developed, experienced and shared with others. Pay attention to your thoughts, connect with your innermost feelings and pursue your creative longings. Align your personality with your special “gift” and you will discover your special purpose in life.

  3. Get off your duff: You may have to rearrange your life to you fully experience your gifts. You may have to sacrifice your social activities, take courses in school, improve your skills, polish your talents and spend years reinventing yourself to step up to your divine purpose in life.

    I get it … you’re busy with life. 

    It took me 5 years to write and publish my first book. I traveled 5 days a week with my job. I worked on my manuscript in airports between flights, while having lunch at a restaurant, writing on cocktail napkins in hotel lounges and on my computer in hotel rooms at night and every weekend at home. I was exhausted and at times, disheartened—but my heart refused to give up because I knew it was my divine purpose to write a self-help book for single women.

    When you are pursuing your passion—you will find a way to get ‘er done

  4. Trust the process. Stepping out on faith is essential to living your divine purpose.

    According to Steve Harvey, you have to “jump” to experience your “gift” (that is, your special purpose in life). In order for your special gift to “open” you must jump off a cliff and pull the cord—but your parachute may not open right away, states Harvey. You will hit the rocks below and cut your skin and bleed—but when your parachute does eventually open (and it will according to God’s Proverbs 18:16 promise), you will experience the rewards of your divine gift.

  5. Let it flow: Desperately searching for your purpose in life can block the discovery process.

    Life is full of possibilities and unexpected events that can lead you to your divine purpose—but you won’t recognize your purpose through a cloud of negativity, anxiety and unhappiness. Some people are lucky; they know early on their purpose in life and they become doctors, scientists and engineers. But higher education is not the key to fulfillment and purpose. Some people rejoice as musicians, teachers, pastors, parents, hair stylists and human rights and animal activists. Others realize their purpose through life’s experiences and they share their hard-earned knowledge and encouragement as authors, motivational speakers, charity volunteers and counselors.

    When you are truly living your life purpose, you will experience unprecedented wisdom, courage, vigor, passion and commitment to your work.

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