3 Traits That Will Increase Your Personal Power (Really!)

You're a confident, savvy single woman. You know in your gut you’re not supposed to chase a man, openly badmouth your ex-boyfriend-husband, blab your personal problems, drink too much or sleep with a man on the first (or second) date. 

Girlfriend, don’t deny it. You know you’re guilty!

Single women: I believe we DO recognize the early warning signs of a man’s unreliable, disrespectful, controlling behavior and we suspect him to be a potentially undesirable partner.

Why then do you continue to date him, fall in love with and commit to him when your internal voice screams, “Run! Run! Grab your Chanel Boy Bag and run for your life!

Married and committed women: I believe we sense when a man is distorting the facts, denying the truth and twisting our words (it’s called crazy-making). 

We’re not blonde wind-up morons! We’re aware when our guy unjustly blames us and discounts our worth as a human being. We know deep in our core that he is trying to avoid responsibility for his hurtful behavior.

WHY then are we unable to stand up to a man’s wounding behavior?
WHY are we unable to accept the reality of our toxic relationship?       
WHY is it so hard for us to leave an emotionally dead, lying, cheating, abusive man?

I wasted decades recovering from my dating disasters, failed relationships and divorces. I wanted to know what was wrong with me. I wanted to know why I dated and fell in love with men who mistreated me. Why I married men who were less than what I wanted and deserved.  Why I stayed in a relationship with a man who was verbally abusive. I read a library of self-help books trying to find the solution to my personal problems. I invested time and money going to different counselors. I begged God to please fix my dysfunctional life.

The answer I found was this:

Logic, intuition and a positive attitude are the quintessence of a woman’s personal power.

  • Logic is the foundation of a woman’s wisdom.
  • Intuition is her supernatural knowing.
  • A positive attitude is her aura of influence.

These three attributes, working in tandem, will alter the way you interpret information. It will change the way you evaluate people and situations. It will shift the way you interact with others.

When I learned to base my decisions on facts and reality, instead of my unpredictable, irrational emotions, my understanding of people exploded.

When I began to trust and act upon my intuitive instincts, instead of being manipulated and influenced  by what someone told me, my wisdom blossomed.

When I said or did what was in my best interest, not in the interest of holding on to a man or to avoid his criticism and condemnation, my confidence soared.

Ladies, when you apply logic, intuition and a positive attitude to your daily walk, the answers your personal problems will manifest. 

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