​Your Attitude Creates Your Reality (Good and Bad)

Your Attitude Defines Your Reality.

Your Attitude Defines Your RealityWant to enjoy your best holidays ever?

We each create our own environment by the virtue of our thoughts. Cheerful, open-minded people magically attract opportunities, success, new friends and meaningful relationships. While the Grinch, an icon of negativity, repels blessings and peace of mind.

To illustrate …

Two equally attractive, successful women with similar economic, social and parenting backgrounds experience life very differently. One woman gets along with co-workers, she has oodles of friends, she enjoys a satisfying career, and she has meaningful family and friend relationships. Men enjoy her company and they pursue her for a serious relationship. 

The other woman dislikes her boss, she has conflict with her co-workers, she finds fault with most of her friends, she struggles to sustain business accounts, she has few dates, and her romantic relationships are short-lived.

What’s the difference? In a word—it’s ATTITUDE!

The people and things we are attracted towards, tell a lot about us.

It’s not always the prettiest woman in the room that captures a man’s attention. No, indeed! The woman who projects an aura of confidence, exuberance and approachability can own the room.

Lauren (not her real name) was an average-looking, 49-year-old widow. Standing 5-foot-4, she was straight like a pencil, plain-featured, and her jaw-length, naturally curly red hair was tedious and frizzy. She barely wore makeup and her style was ordinary—but men were drawn to her like a bear to a honeycomb.

I sat on the sidelines at every party, watching Lauren in amazement as she effortlessly mesmerized men with her wit and charm.

I was pea-green with envy. I tried to emulate and project her bubbly, friendly personality with men. But I came off as “trying too hard”; a man's code for: "looking desperate.”

I finally realized why men were attracted to Lauren. She was confident, cheerful, friendly and approachable. She could converse with any man about anything, especially about sports and politics. She genuinely complimented, affirmed and boosted a man’s ego, making each man feel special, regardless of his appearance, stature or position in life.

In a nutshell: it was easy for Lauren to flirt with men because she truly and genuinely liked men.

Here’s your holiday homework:

This season, when you’re at a holiday party or function, reject your knee-jerk opinions of others, and instead look for the best in everyone you meet. Be a good listener and truly show an interest in the person you are talking to. Compliment people and make others feel special, regardless of their appearance or status. Ditch your expectations and merely enjoy the moment of meeting someone new.

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