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Know-It-All Nancy

I’m Know-It-All Nancy.

I know the mistakes that cause relationship problems and heartbreak … because I made them over and over again.

I know how to create personal turmoil.
I know how to run a good man off.
I know how to survive relationship breakups and multiple divorces.
I know how to yearn for a life without financial difficulties, personal conflict and heartbreak.
I know how to crumble to the floor and beg God to take away my emotional pain.
I know how to fall off a bar stool.

I discovered that there are two kinds of mistakes that we make as we stumble through life:

  1. The ones we keeping making and suffer from … and
  2. The ones we learn from and avoid.

I was tired of falling in love and committing to the wrong man.  I was dismayed by men who made me feel empty inside and mistreated me. I was sick of relationship failure and heartbreak. I was weary of the setbacks of divorce and the recovery process of emotional grieving. I was sick of feeling like the underdog in life.

And so I began my personal growth journey.

I spent a lifetime seeking the answers to my low self-esteem issues and relationship problems. My quest for knowledge became my passion. I read every self-help, spiritual and personal development book I could get my hands on. I went to counseling and I attended recovery groups. I attended church and bible studies. I healed my wounded inner little girl. I found a realistic relationship with God. And God opened my eyes to my negative mindset and dysfunctional behavior which stood between me and the things I wanted most in life.

I don’t know everything—but I do know this: I have been granted a unique introspect into the self-defeating attitudes and destructive behaviors which cause women (and men) the bulk their relationship difficulties.

And now I can truly say:

I know how to reprogram my counter-productive, self-defeating stinking-thinking.
I know how to overcome my harmful, detrimental addictions.
I know how to take responsible for my hurtful behavior that wreaks havov in my relationships and contributed to my divorces.
I know how to start life over and over again
I know how to reinvent myself.