Secrets of the Ultimate Husband Hunter

Secrets of the Ultimate Husband Hunter
How To Attract Men, Enjoy Dating and Recognize the Love of Your Life

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Autographed Paperback:  276 pages
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A genuine eye-opener for the single woman who repeatedly asks, “What’s wrong with me?”

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Why am I unable to attract the interest of a desirable man?
  • Why do I repeatedly date and fall in love with the wrong men?
  • Why do men suddenly stop calling or dating me?

Ever wondered how some women attract the interest of almost every man they meet? How some women have wonderful men pursuing them passionately for a serious relationship?

Based on a true story Author Nancy Nichols reveals the negative attitudes and behavior which sabotage a woman’s dating and relationship efforts. Within the pages of this book she shares an transformational epiphany moment which opened her eyes to her closed-minded mentality which ran men off and destroyed her budding romantic relationships. Secrets of the Ultimate Husband Hunter will change the way you think about men, the dating and relationship process—and ultimately yourself.

Written with wit, candor and unique introspect Secrets of the Ultimate Husband Hunter is the quintessential read for the single, divorced or widowed woman who wishes to find true and lasting love. Nancy will awaken you to the constant sub-conscious thoughts which cause you the majority of your dating and relationship problems. She teaches you a novel, yet simplistic, dating approach that will immediately gain you a powerful affirmative mindset, confidence with men, relationship understanding and an attractive, intriguing presence that will magnetically attract not only the sincere interest of quality men, but a quality life. She will teach you the know-how that will help you intuitively avoid of the wrong man. This book creates a profound paradigm shift which creates happiness, friendships and relationship success.