Never Date a Dead Animal

Never Date a Dead Animal
The Red Flags of Losers, Abusers, Cheaters and Con-Artists

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Autographed Paperback:  288 pages
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The quintessential read for the woman who dates, loves or is married to a man who maltreats her.

The stories of how men deceive, control and manipulate women into phony, harmful relationships are amazing. More astonishing is why women commit to men they intuitively suspect will break their hearts, and once in an abusive relationship they struggle to break the emotional bond.

Never Date a Dead Animal is the true stories of women who fell in love with men who were losers, abusers, cheaters, and con-artists; the red flags they ignored, and what they would do differently if they could turn back time.

“If you’ve never been involved with a pathological lying, narcissistic, antisocial, sociopathic personality,” states Nancy Nichols, “You might not realize what you’re dealing with. You may think: he’s having a bad day, he didn’t mean it, or alcohol makes him abusive. Worse yet, you may think you are responsible for his unpredictable anger and punishing behavior. ”

Based on a true story the unique introspect of Never Date a Dead Animal will open your eyes to the reality of a man’s harmful behavior. More importantly, it exposes women’s sub-conscious agendas which cause them to attract, date, fall in love, and commit to men with harmful personality disorders.

If you have a history of attracting, dating and committing to the wrong man, this book will teach you how to: 

  • Read the warning signs of a man's potentially harmful behavior and avoid involvement with him.
  • Resist the charm, seduction and empty promises of a dysfunctional man.
  • ​Hold out for the love of a man who will love, respect and adore you.
  • If you are trying to leave a bad relationship you will learn how to understand the manipulating ways of men, trust your gut instincts, and deal with the reality of a hurtful, abusive relationship.