Nancy Nichols 
Seminar  * Workshop * Keynote Speaker 

Nancy Nichols Empowerment Presentations Arouse Genuine Positive Change
Change begins with a singular moment. Nancy Nichols inspires those life-altering “ah-ha” moments that create personal growth.
Nancy Nichols's passion for personal growth is contagious. As a corporate speaker she motivates business men and women to increase their human potential with the tandem power of logical reasoning, intuitive knowing and positive thought. As a woman's advocate her stories of extreme adversity, courage and triumph empower women to tap into their full potential, take charge of their lives and realize business success, relationship stability and personal happiness.. Nancy entertains. She educates. She evokes a genuine paradigm shift in a person's static, self-defeating mindset.
Nancy will tailor her presentation to the specific needs of your business, organization  or women's group.
For questions or more information contact Nancy at nancy@knowitallnancy.com.


"Power of Positive Thought" Presentation 

The power of our thoughts form our entire life's experiences. What would your life look like if your aura seemed to supernaturally attract friendships, opportunities, success, happiness, and even true love? What if accomplished men and women admired you and happily promoted your interests? What if the people and things you needed to attain your dreams of success seemed to magically present themselves to you? If this were your daily reality—would your life be significantly different? Nancy Nichols presents the tandem power of logic, intuition and a positive attitude. 

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"God, Please Fix Me!" Presentation
Distorted self-beliefs foster a woman’s faulty mindset. Her critical self-talk compounds her low self-esteem issues, sabotages her relationships and create her feelings of inferiority, isolation, unhappiness, and even hopelessness. Nancy Nichols shares the illuminating revelations that helped her triumph over a lifetime of self-doubt, fear and shame, dysfunctional behavior and addictions, break the cycle of an abusive relationship, and silence her self-deprecating inner voice—forever.
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"Can-Do Woman" Presentation 

You can achieve your dreams—if you think about it continually, if you believe it passionately, if your actions relentlessly work toward your goals, and if you never give up—your aspirations will one day materialize. Nancy Nichols presents the tandem power of logic, intuition and a positive attitude.

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