About Nancy

Nancy Nichols is a self-esteem leader, best-selling author, and motivational speaker. Know-It-All Nancy is a favorite blogger for top ranked online publications. She has appeared on nationwide TV and radio talk shows. As a woman’s advocate, her self-help-personal-growth books impart self-esteem building and confidence, the power of positive thought, relationship understanding, and personal healing. Her in-your-face humor is engaging. Her uncensored candor is life altering. Her transparency and first-hand knowledge of dysfunctional relationship behavior have gained her a loyal following.

Nancy spent a lifetime reinventing herself. Her quest to understand the attitudes and behavior that create personal happiness fueled her self-improvement journey and inspired her writing career. Nancy enjoyed successful careers as an advertising manager, restaurant owner, makeup artist and skincare consultant, and the owner of an image consultant company. As a cosmetic and skincare consultant she traveled the United States extensively helping franchise owners develop their personal and business skills.

“I discovered my purpose in life working while with women as a skincare and cosmetic consultant. Having spent a lifetime working on my personal problems, I connected to their struggles and personal issues. My job as a consultant was to train owners and business managers in makeup artistry, skincare application, customer acquisition, and sales skills—but what they really needed—and wanted—was confidence in their abilities and self-worth.” 

Nancy’s book trilogy include:
Never Date a Dead Animal
God, Please Fix Me! 
Secrets of the Ultimate Husband Hunter 


For questions or more information please email Nancy at info@knowitallnancy.com