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I know the mistakes that cause relationship failure and heartbreak - because I made all of them over and over again. - Know-It-All Nancy



Let Go Of Low Self-Esteem
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Traumatic Experience After A Hurtful Breakup
You can’t stop loving him. You broke off with your abusive, emotionally detached partner. You're in disbelief... Read more
Things Rejections Can Teach You About Yourself
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Don't Think You Failed After A Hurtful Breakup!

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4-Week Extreme

Personal Growth Program

Are you are struggling to heal from a hurtful relationship, divorce, or breakup?


Do you repeatedly date, fall in love with and commit to a man who is emotionally unavailable, or mentally, verbally and physically abusive?


After 35 years of working on my own emotional issues, I have developed an extraordinary 4-week self-actualization program that, quite frankly, evokes acute self-awareness and jump-starts the healing process from a hurtful breakup, divorce, or abusive relationship.

You will view yourself differently after this 4-Week Personal Growth Program with Nancy Nichols.


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