• Signs Your Trust Issues Are Running Men Off

    Your ex broke your heart and you push men because you are guarded and mistrusting. A potential suitor will never know that you are innately compassionate, loving and loyal because you hide your endearing traits behind a wall of fear and mistrust. 

  • Dating Profile To Attract Decent Men

    You’re older, single again and you’ve joined online dating sites. He’s WAY older, heavier or shorter than his (her) profile indicated. He’s already talking about marriage. He's hoping to get laid and he hates kids and animals. Or, maybe you’ve hardly had any responses and you get the ugly feeling that something is wrong with you.

  • Alcohol Does NOT Cause Domestic Violence

    Alcohol does NOT cause a person to be belligerent, aggressive and violent, though an abuser will use it as an excuse for battering his partner. Alcohol may escalate an abusive event. Alcohol can act as an “un-inhibitor,” intensifying abusive incidents—but alcohol CANNOT make a person abuse another.

  • 3 First Date Questions To Size A Man Up FAST!

    You’re tired of dating a man, wasting weeks and even months trying to figure him out. Worse yet, you’re jaded from giving your heart to men who turn out to be non-committal, emotionally detached and even abusive. Click here to discover 3 first date questions that will help you size up a man FAST!

  • 10 Reasons He's Not Going To Ask You For Second Date

    You and your new guy had a great time on your first date. He smiled adoringly at you during dinner, eye contact with him was mesmerizing and the conversation was stimulating. The chemistry was palpable. And then sadly you never heard from him again. What happened, you wonder?

  • Why Counseling Backfires With An Abusive Partner

    You drag your partner to therapy, hoping that he will recognize his hurtful behavior and work on the negative aspects of his personality. He instead uses his counseling sessions to outwit the therapist, dissect your vulnerabilities and further demean you. 

  • Dating Advice For Women Over 40

    Most older men are just like you—they don’t want to be alone and they want a woman who is close to their own age. Someone they can have an intelligent conversation with and connect with mentally and physically. However, dating still requires effort and consideration — just like it did when you were younger.

  • Signs You're Playing The Victim

    The victim forms relationships with people who will empathize and support her victim mentality. She commits to men who mistreat her so she can feel justified in playing her victim role. She draws in girlfriends who are sympathetic to her down-and-out stories and feigned helplessness.

  • Control Your Lovesick Emotions

    Your amorous feelings for your guy are blind, irrational and self-destructive. You pine for a man who makes you feel uncertain, insecure and lovesick and you reject the guys who are relationship material. 


  • Never Date A Dead Animal

    Your partner assaults you without even raising his voice. He contradicts your opinions, trivializes your feelings and blocks your communication to make you feel weak, inferior and codependent. He (she) convinces you—YOU are the one with the problem.