• Heal From Verbal Abuse

    You broke off with your abusive partner. The problem is: you still love him (her) A LOT!  You’re trying to move on with your life but you grieve for him. You’re debilitated by a roller-coaster of emotions: denial, fear, anger, guilt and sorrow. You know in your core his verbal abuse is destroying you. Your misplaced feelings of love, loyalty and commitment prevent you from gaining closure for your failed relationship. 

  • How To Heal From A Breakup

    You broke off with your significant other because he was neglectful, or he cheated on you, or he was verbally or physically abusive. You're trying to get on with your life without him in it. Your heart aches, you miss him and so you call him, or you hate him, or you blame yourself for your failed relationship. If you truly want to heal, you MUST avoid these 5 breakup mistakes.



  • When a woman’s illogical, impulsive emotions influence her thinking, her relationship decisions will be irrational and flawed, causing her heartbreak and regret. 


  • You know in your core that your boyfriend (or husband) is lying, manipulating and verbally battering you. Your heart wants to believe his convincing excuses for his wounding behavior, but your gut wrenches because he can’t fool your internal knowing.

  • Hands Cupping Heaven

    You know in your gut you’re not supposed to chase a man, blab your personal problems, drink too much or sleep with a man on the first (or second) date. It's common sense. Right?

  • Abusive Man

    Covert verbal abuse is subtle aggression. It's aim is to control and dominate you without you knowing. If you’ve never been exposed to the insidious nuances of a covert verbal abuser, you may not realize what is happening to you. 

  • Dr. Dirtbag hammered me when we argued and then he denied his hurtful behavior and he blamed me for our relationship problems.

  • Her heart was broken by a dirtbag!

    It’s not our fault, as women, that we yearn for the love, devotion and support of man. It’s not our fault, as women, that we fall head over heels for a man who ardently pursues us. It's not our fault we discount a man's deceptive, unreliable, hurtful behavior. Or, is it?

  • Whatever you worry most about in life, will filter the way you view your life. If the underlying driving force in your life is security, you may accept less than what you want and deserve in a relationship. 

  • Abusive Relationships, Dating Red Flags, Verbal Abuse Disguised As Jokes

    Verbal abuse can begin as small digs disguised as jokes. Your boyfriend or husband ridicules you about your appearance, personality and abilities. These put-downs damage your self-esteem and if you ask him to stop “poking fun at you” he tells you, you’re too sensitive or you can’t take a joke.