Dating the Wrong Man can KILL Your Chances of Finding the Right Man

A woman who reserves emotional and sexual involvement in the early stages of dating can more clearly view a man’s positive qualities, as well as his unacceptable, negative traits.

It’s easy for a dating single woman to overlook a man’s harmful behavior when it is camouflaged beneath flowers and gifts, convincing verbiage, expensive silk ties and extravagant spending. She buys into his façade, falls quickly and madly in love with him, and she submits to his (or her) sexual desire, only to discover later that he is incapable of contributing to a meaningful relationship.

When a woman can’t find the Right Man, she will often settle for the Wrong Man. She yearns to be in a loving, caring, stable relationship. She longs for someone with whom to share conversation at the end of the day, the holidays, a weekend trip and someone to snuggle with before falling asleep. But as time passes and the Right Man doesn’t show up, she grows weary, she lowers her standards and recklessly allows the Wrong Man into her life. Once committed sexually, she is no longer emotionally available to meet and date the Right Man.

Women waste months, even years committing themselves to the Wrong Man in the wrong relationship only to find themselves, years later, divorced, alone and searching once again for the love of their life.

Girlfriends, WAKE UP! Quit giving bits and pieces of your heart, body and soul to a man who is not worthy of your love, affection and loyalty.

The point is: if a woman will use her head instead of her “emotional appetite” she will be able to make a sane, logical decision of whether to pursue a romantic connection with a man—or cut bait and run.

Who is the Wrong Man?

  • Does he make you jealous?
  • Does he make you wonder and worry?
  • Does he make you feel irrational, illogical and angry?
  • Does he make you doubt your intuition and common sense?
  • Does he give you that yucky, sick feeling in the pit of your stomach?
  • Does make you reach for the Prozac?
  • If so—he’s the Wrong Man for you!

Tatoo this on your head: Fooling around with the Wrong Man will limit your chances to be with the Right Man.   

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